Monday 7/31

Alright guys! Next group of benchmarks are kicking off this week! Here they are listed, along with some other exercises we will be using as accessories.

Deadlift 1 RM

Strict press 1 RM

30 clean and jerks for time

Buddy bike or row
20 min switching buddies every 25 cals

Skill work:
Rope climbs
Muscle ups

This should be a simple but challenging and effective training cycle! We will put out focus towards these movements for 6 weeks!


Monday’s WOD


-Build to a heavy single


With a buddy:

20 minutes:

Bike or row as many calories as possible, switching buddies every 25 calories.



Back squat



Push press



5 rounds:

10 DB push presses

10 Ab wheel roll outs

15 KB swings

1 Sled push