Tuesday 4/3


Power clean + push press
Rest 1 min after each set


With a buddy: (20 minute time cap)
Row 4 k (switch every 500)
160 KBswings (switch every 10)
80 Box jumps (switch every 5)

A few pointers to get the most out of this workout:

-Row faster than your 2k pace, but not so fast you fall apart. This is a time for you to practice holding a manageable pace! Lengthen your stroke and pull harder, not faster!

-Challenge yourself with a heavy KB. Swing it hard! Make your reps aggressive, powerful, and perfect looking!

-Practice good jumping mechanics. Keep your knees in line with your feet and land in a stable position.

This workout is broken into small sets so that you can focus on quality and powerful movement. Don’t mistake it for being easy.

Grab a buddy, and challenge each other!