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Bench press


*Stop 2 inches above the chest and press back up

*10 Pull-ups or inverted rows after each set




With a buddy:

10 RFT:

Partner A: 300 m Row

Partner B: Handstand hold

*Switch every 300 m. A can only row while B is in a handstand hold.


20 minutes:

-Build gradually to a heavy single power clean and jerk. Use the jerk variation you are most comfortable with. Start around 70% of your best, and get 8-10 sets done.





Single arm DB push press 50/30 (20 each arm, 15 each arm, etc)

Hollow rock

Kettlebell swing


5 rounds:

5 Strict chest to bar pull-ups (add weight if possible)

10 Double or single KB front squats

10 Ab wheel roll outs




Rest 10 minutes after strength work.


Run 1 mile for time

(From gym…Market towards downtown, Right on 10th, Right on princess, turn around at 16th, left on 11th, finish line is telephone pole at back of gym)


6×10 KB swing





10 sets with 1 minute rest in between:

Power clean + Push press 2(1+1)@80%+




With a buddy:

Row 20 minutes for distance.

*Switch partners every minute. Program the clock for 1:00 intervals with :05 seconds for transition time.


6×10 Kettlebell swing. Fast and heavy!


6 rounds: (not for time)

5 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups

5 KB squats (single or double KB)

10 Ab wheel roll outs


12 minute AMRAP:

3 Wall walks

70 ft walking lunge (from soft mat, across rubber mats, and back)