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20 minutes:

-Build gradually to a heavy single power clean and jerk. Use the jerk variation you are most comfortable with. Start around 70% of your best, and get 8-10 sets done.





Single arm DB push press 50/30 (20 each arm, 15 each arm, etc)

Hollow rock

Kettlebell swing


5 rounds:

5 Strict chest to bar pull-ups (add weight if possible)

10 Double or single KB front squats

10 Ab wheel roll outs




Rest 10 minutes after strength work.


Run 1 mile for time

(From gym…Market towards downtown, Right on 10th, Right on princess, turn around at 16th, left on 11th, finish line is telephone pole at back of gym)


6×10 KB swing





10 sets with 1 minute rest in between:

Power clean + Push press 2(1+1)@80%+




With a buddy:

Row 20 minutes for distance.

*Switch partners every minute. Program the clock for 1:00 intervals with :05 seconds for transition time.


6×10 Kettlebell swing. Fast and heavy!


6 rounds: (not for time)

5 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups

5 KB squats (single or double KB)

10 Ab wheel roll outs


12 minute AMRAP:

3 Wall walks

70 ft walking lunge (from soft mat, across rubber mats, and back)


20 minutes:

2 Rope climbs

5 Pistols each leg

10 Ab wheel roll outs or hollow rocks

*Don’t treat this part of the WOD as an AMRAP.  Challenge yourself with each movement and rest as needed.  If you are already strong with regular rope climbs, attempt to complete these legless.  If you have a well developed pistol squat, try adding some weight.




Row 2 k for time