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16 minute EMOM

Odd: 2 hang Cleans from power position @75-80%

Even: 8 Toes to bar




With a buddy:

20 minutes for max cals:

Row or Bike switching partners every 25 cals


Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes:

1 High hang clean from power position

1 Hang clean from the knees

1 Clean from the floor

~Use around 75% of 1 RM clean




10 minute AMRAP:

10 Push presses 135/95

10 KB squats 53/35


Extra work:

100 Hollow rocks




Benchmark day!

1 RM Thruster

(Taken from the floor, but can be power cleaned.)




Pull-up (any variation)

-One set for max reps without coming off of the bar


KB squat

-One set for max reps without breaking position or taking longer than 3 seconds between reps. Use a weight that you can squat at least 10 reps but less than 50.