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5 rounds:

5 Handstand push-ups (from deficit if possible)

*Scale with KB or DB Strict pressing variation

8 Barbell RDLs (from deficit of possible)

*Use around 60-65% of your best deadlift





Push up

DB snatch (20 each, 15 each, etc) 50/30

KB squat 53/35

*No 7 am class today.  I apologize for the inconvenience as we are short handed this week!


20 minutes to complete 8 sets:

2 Power Cleans + 1 Jerk (split or power jerk)

*Work around 85% of your best power clean.





Deadlift @ 225/155

Assault bike calories



Kettlebell swing


No 7 am class today. See you at 6 or 9 am. Thank you!



Front squat
5×3@80-85% 1 RM
*15 KB swings after each set




15 min AMRAP:

5 Strict hspu (from deficit if possible)
10 Pull-ups (any variation)
20 weighted step ups 50/30 (10 each leg)

Community WOD Saturday @10:00 am!! Bring a friend or family member who is interested in trying CrossFit.  This workout will be free of charge, and it will be designed to be suitable for all ability levels.  See you then!



Friday’s WOD:

5 rounds:
6-8 Double KB push presses
8 RDLs @ ~60% of 1RM DL




Pull up
Row for calories
Front squat 135/95


Power clean + push press
Rest 1 min after each set


With a buddy: (20 minute time cap)
Row 4 k (switch every 500)
160 KBswings (switch every 10)
80 Box jumps (switch every 5)

A few pointers to get the most out of this workout:

-Row faster than your 2k pace, but not so fast you fall apart. This is a time for you to practice holding a manageable pace! Lengthen your stroke and pull harder, not faster!

-Challenge yourself with a heavy KB. Swing it hard! Make your reps aggressive, powerful, and perfect looking!

-Practice good jumping mechanics. Keep your knees in line with your feet and land in a stable position.

This workout is broken into small sets so that you can focus on quality and powerful movement. Don’t mistake it for being easy.

Grab a buddy, and challenge each other!