Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes:

1 High hang clean from power position

1 Hang clean from the knees

1 Clean from the floor

~Use around 75% of 1 RM clean




10 minute AMRAP:

10 Push presses 135/95

10 KB squats 53/35


Extra work:

100 Hollow rocks




Benchmark day!

1 RM Thruster

(Taken from the floor, but can be power cleaned.)




Pull-up (any variation)

-One set for max reps without coming off of the bar


KB squat

-One set for max reps without breaking position or taking longer than 3 seconds between reps. Use a weight that you can squat at least 10 reps but less than 50.


Holiday hours:

Wednesday: No 7 pm class

Thursday: Closed

Friday: Open gym 9-12; WOD @ 10:00

Saturday:  Open gym 9-12; WOD @ 10:00

Sunday:  Open gym 10-12; WOD @ 10:00


5 rounds:

10 Single arm DB rows each arm

10 weighted step ups each leg

10 heavy kb swings

*For step ups: hold a weight only in the hand opposite the leg doing work




With a buddy:

Row or Bike 20 minutes for total calories. Switch every 25 cals.


5 rounds:

8-12 Single arm KB or DB Push presses each arm

15 KB or DB RDLs

100 ft single arm farmers carry R

100 ft single arm farmers carry L


15 minute AMRAP:

10 Ring dips (scale with push ups)

15 Hollow rocks

30 Double unders



Power snatch + overhead squat



Power clean + Front squat + jerk



Snatch deadlift



4 rounds:

10 inverted rows

15 kb swings