5 rounds:

1 Turkish get up L

1 Turkish get up R

15 ab wheel roll outs or hollow rocks

15 heavy KB swings




For time, with a partner:

Partner A: Row 1,000 m

Partner B: Row 1,000 m

Partner A: Row 800 m

Partner B: Row 800 m

Partner A: Row 600 m

Partner B: Row 600 m

Partner A: Row 400 m

Partner B: Row 400 m

Partner A: Row 200 m

Partner B: Row 200 m

Record total time.


5 rounds:

1 Turkish get up R

1 Turkish get up L

10 Ab wheel roll outs

*Go as heavy as good positions will allow




With a buddy for 20 minutes:

Row 500 m, then switch buddies. Your score is the total distance rowed in 20 minutes.

Bench press


*5 Double KB front squats after each set (scale with single KB goblet squat)




12 minute AMRAP:

5 Muscle-ups (Scaled: 5 pull ups, 5 push ups)

10 Power cleans 135/95

30 Double unders