With several CrossFit gyms in town to choose from, it is important to find the one that is the right fit for you!  These are a few of the things that set us aside from the other gyms:

Smaller classes:

Our classes typically average 5-10 athletes per coach.

Experienced coaches:

We have years of experience shared amongst our coaches, and they take the time to get to know their athletes in order to give them high quality, professional coaching.

Positive environment:

While we do encourage competition, our focus is to make you a little better every workout, no matter where you are starting.  Coming to the gym should be the best hour of your day!


Our gym has produced multiple national level weightlifters.  Although not everyone is looking to compete in weightlifting, you can be certain that our coaches can teach safe and effective technique.

No contracts:

Our members are people who want to train to be better, not people who come to the gym because they have a contract

Proper Fundamentals:

Our foundations program consists of four workouts where a coach will teach you the fundamentals before you join in our regular classes.  These are run with no more than 3 athletes per coach…usually they are one on one!


Our CrossFit workouts are designed to be challenging for a seasoned CrossFitter, but scalable for a beginner.  They are designed specifically to improve strength, flexibility, power, and stamina as well as improve efficiency of movement.  When these areas improve, so does your body composition!

Other amenities:

Kid’s Room

Our kid’s room is available during all of our regular hours for your kids to play, shoot hoops, watch a movie, or work on school work.

Open gym every day!:

Need some extra time outside of class to work on a skill or weakness?  We have open gym time 7 days a week!  See schedule for times.

Specialty classes:

Olympic weightlifting, Strongman, CrossFit Kids, Rowing, Mobility, and nutrition classes are all offered!

Weightlifting area:

We have a fully equipped weightlifting area complete with 6 platforms, kilo plates, and high quality barbells for training the Olympic Lifts.  Come see what the Port City Barbell Club is all about!