Push press


*10 Dips after each set. Use a weight that challenges you for each of the given rep ranges.




5 rounds:

100 ft Single arm KB OH Carry R

100 ft Single arm KB OH carry L

100 ft sled push

50 ft Double kb Front rack walking lunge




*Start at around 65-70% of your best deadlift and increase gradually each set. Touch and go reps are ok.

**15 KB squats after each set




With a buddy:

8 RFT:

Bike 25 cals

Deadlift hold at top 225/155

Partner A can only bike while partner B is holding the top of a deadlift at full extension. If partner B, sets the weight down, partner A has to rest. Complete a full round before switching. Scale the weight as needed.

Strict press


(Start with a weight that feels like about 70% and increase each set.)

*10 Dips after each set




5 rounds for completion:

100 ft Farmers carry R

100 ft Farmers carry L

100 ft Reverse sled drag

7 Buddy tire flips

10 DB Strict presses






High hang clean (from power position)

*Keep the weight light and work on perfecting your positions as well as speed under the bar.




10 minute AMRAP:

10 Burpee Box jumps

10 DB hang snatches each arm 50/30