Strict press

10-8-6 (3 sec descent)

*10 Dips after each set




5 rounds for completion:

Down and back carry (1 kb overhead, 1 farmers)

10 Barbell hip thrusts

10 Rear foot elevated split squats each leg

*For carries: 1 KB will be overhead while the other is in a farmers carry position. When you reach the turn around point, switch.

Bench press


*Stop 2 inches above the chest and press back up

*10 Pull-ups or inverted rows after each set




With a buddy:

10 RFT:

Partner A: 300 m Row

Partner B: Handstand hold

*Switch every 300 m. A can only row while B is in a handstand hold.

Deadlift (2” deficit)


*15 KB squats after each set. Use a weight that is challenging for both exercises, but focus on position above all else. Touch and go reps are ok.




15 min AMRAP:

10 DB Hang clean and jerk each arm 50/30

10 Toes to bar

50 Double unders

*any variation for clean and jerk

Push press


*10 Dips after each set. Use a weight that challenges you for each of the given rep ranges.




5 rounds:

100 ft Single arm KB OH Carry R

100 ft Single arm KB OH carry L

100 ft sled push

50 ft Double kb Front rack walking lunge